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My name is Tracy Adams, I live in Maryport and have lived here all my life, when I was a little girl I had a beautiful green budgie whose name was Mickey, who to my mind had a best friend who was a seed, whose name was Seed. I always used to think of stories for them both and always wanted to write about them, well three years ago I finally done it, I wrote and self published a children’s storybook called EVERYDAY ADVENTURES WITH MICKEY AND SEED, the book contains four stories, all of which are illustrated in full colour, showing wonderful pictures of Maryport and some surrounding areas, the book was illustrated by Stephen Robinson who was a neighbour of mine whilst I had Mickey but now lives in New Zealand.
Now let me introduce you to Mickey and Seed, Mickey’s a beautiful green budgie with the nicest bright green feathers you’ve ever seen, he’s very handsome and very good looking too and he certainly knows it. Now Seed of course is his very best friend in the whole wide world and they get on extremely well, they live together in a rather grand birdcage inside Bluebell Cottage which is the home of Mrs Murphy. Every single day they get on with their housework then have a quick check on the jolly old weather then after Mickey’s made a decision as to where they’re going for their adventure he tucks Seed in tightly under his wing then off they fly through the living room window. Once outside they fly over all the rooftops of the houses then make their way round local routes to wherever it is they’re going. They have lots of friends but whilst out on one of their adventures they meet up with the most beautiful white German Shepherd Dog you’ve ever seen who goes on in future stories to become their very best friend, now he’s something kind of fabulous he is, he lives in Maryport too, not far from Bluebell Cottage actually. I have a new book coming out this year and he’s in there too, meeting up with them on one of their adventures.
Bluebell Cottage is a delightful homely little cottage with a beautiful garden growing the most fabulous looking bright blue bluebells you’ve ever seen, the front living room window’s always open so they can come and go just as they please, it’s perfect really, absolutely perfect.
Mickey and Seed love their adventures in and around Maryport, they really do, once they get out and about they love taking in all the wonderful scenery on offer as they both like to see absolutely everything and miss absolutely nothing, if at all possible of course. Seed likes nothing better than playing his all time favourite game of hide and seek, always finding an interesting little place to hide from Mickey, but don’t worry, Mickey always manages to find him in the end.
My first book sees them down on the docks, enjoying a wonderful day out on a fishing boat, taking in all the fabulous surrounding views and enjoying the lashings of wonderful fresh sea air, next day they’re off along to the beach to Allonby, that’s where they first meet the beautiful white German Shepherd Dog and make friends with him, next day they’re off out to the countryside, visiting a farm and making more new friends then the day after that they’re to be found down at the Lake District Coast Aquarium having a jolly good day out there. After enjoying each and every adventure Seed tucks himself back in tightly under Mickey’s wing then off they fly back to Bluebell Cottage where they then fly back in through the living room window then straight back into the cage to have some supper and reflect on their day out, they sit for a little while then it’s time for bed so they get themselves settled on the swing of course, which is where they always sleep then it’s not long till Mrs Murphy comes along and places a cover over the cage, just to keep them nice and snug and warm.
Since writing my first book I’ve now gone on to write over 140 stories all about Mickey and Seed and friends, all based right here in Maryport, the beautiful white German Shepherd Dog’s featured in all of them actually as they really do get on very well, in these stories he’s often to be found round at Bluebell Cottage as he really does like visiting Mickey and Seed, not to mention Mrs Murphy of course, all the stories, just like the ones in the first book, all start the same, all finish the same and all have a wonderful adventure in the middle.
I love writing the stories, especially as they’re all based right here in my hometown of Maryport, I think I’ve just about used up all the places I can for adventures but they can all be quite easily revisited again, some of them I’ve had in my mind since I was a little girl but obviously not all of them. Some of their new adventures find them down on the promenade, over on the seawall, in the park, down by the riverbank, in the old bus station, on the playing field, out for a day on the train, down on Netherhall Corner putting up the Christmas tree, out at the lighthouse, down at the allotments, on the tennis courts, whilst some even find them out in the fabulous Lake District too.
The beautiful white German Shepherd Dog’s my best friend actually, my best friend in the whole world so I couldn’t write all these stories without including him now could I, everything’s been brought up to date by featuring him as some of the stories are linked to my childhood, he’s great friends with all Mickey and Seeds friends too and great friends with Mrs Murphy.
Mrs Murphy’s actually my mam, she’s lived in Maryport all her life, she’s kept her own name in all the stories and she’s featured in every story.
Maryport’s a wonderful little town and I really do hope someday Mickey and seed could give it a very important place on the map, my ambition now is to see them on television as a children’s TV series, they’re a wonderful little twosome who do everything together and I would love to see them bring everyone as much enjoyment as they bring me, I think their names are very catchy and just think they’re something a little bit different, I’m extremely proud of them and all their new friends and I’m so pleased I’ve actually done these stories, they’ve actually been placed on a database in Hollywood now for anyone looking for new work for television which I’m very pleased about. People ask me about the book a lot, but like I said earlier, I do have another book coming out featuring another two exciting adventures, I shall continue writing the stories, all still based right here in the wonderful town of Maryport.
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Everyday Adventures with Mickey and Seed