The Settlement - Maryport's Community Arts & Learning Centre

Our Purpose
To improve the quality of individual and community life in the Maryport area.
Our Vision
Individuals and communities will grow and be transformed by adaptable and flexible involvement in creative and environmental activities which we wll provide.
Success will be measured by the evidence of individual growth and an improvement in community relations and cohesion
In promoting our purpose and vision we have established a set of Values which we expect all staff and volunteers to adhere, they are:

  • We are an inclusive organistion.
  • We listen to and respect the views of those of whom we are involved with, especially those with limited opportunities for expression.
  • We communicate openly and keep people informed about issues that may affect them.
  • We challenge and inform people as part of the growth process.
  • We empower and encourage people to be involved and to work co-operatively.

Our process will be to encourage creativity, education and innovation in all those come to The Settlement and participate in our programme.
The Settlement's Facilities The Settlement's also has a variety of spaces that can be hired for parties, workshops, seminars and meetings. We are an ideal venue for all sorts of occasions. Offering modern facilities within a beautiful historic listed building. Supported by catering facilities and staff committed to good service