Coastal Community Team

Love Maryport Town Team leads on the establishment of a Maryport Area Coastal Team
At its April meeting Love Maryport Town gave its support to lead on the establishment of a new costal community team for tor the Maryport coastal Area.
Debbie Wright, Love Maryport Town Team Chair said "Building on the town team successes and the teams continuing and growing partnership, it was a natural progression to look to lead on the establishment of a Coastal Community Team, for Maryport and the surroundings area."
 "The opportunity to involve and work with wider partners will not only strengthen the work of the team, it will also allow new opportunities to be explored and shared in addressing the issues facing the area"
The scheme is being managed by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) on behalf of Her Majesty Government.
The Town Team submitted the appliaction on the 23rd June.  
Coastal cities, towns and villages are an extremely important part of the country, providing a major contribution to the economy as well as to our national identity. Over 11 million people live in coastal communities, and many more visit regularly for business and pleasure.
In recent years, coastal communities have faced unique challenges. While some have successfully reinvented themselves, others have suffered significant economic decline. For example, coastal areas have, on average, lower levels of employment than other areas of the country. The Government is committed to supporting coastal places to help their economies to grow and to support them to reduce unemployment and deprivation.
The Government has done a lot to support coastal areas, for example through the investments made by the Coastal Communities Fund, but recognises that there is significant potential for further improvement by accessing the ideas, enthusiasm and pride within communities through the involvement of local groups in partnership. Local partnerships with an in-depth knowledge of their area, successfully working together with their local authority and others, can help to make coastal areas even better places to live and work. From major coastal towns to seaside villages, the Government sees great potential in supporting and enabling this local knowledge.
We are therefore encouraging the establishment of ‘Coastal Community Teams’ to enable local communities to come together and develop a common vision and plans for their area. The overall aims of Coastal Community Teams are to:
- encourage greater local partnership working in coastal areas
- support the development of local solutions to economic issues facing coastal communities
- establish a network of teams across England who can work together and with Government to tackle issues facing coastal communities, and
- encourage the sustainable use of heritage/cultural assets to provide both a focus for community activities and enhanced economic opportunities.